Picco Coatings Urethanes

70-Series Polyurethane

This product is a two-component, acrylic modified, aliphatic polyurethane coating. Acrylic urethanes are used in heavy-duty applications where extra UV and weathering durability, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance are needed. They can be easily applied by roller, brush, or conventional spray and have excellent gloss retention, a characteristic rarely found in epoxies. To improve corrosion resistance even further, use our 68-Series Epoxy Primer to fully protect the steel before topcoating with the 70-Series Urethane.

For Industrial Use Only

Mixing Ratios

70-Series Polyurethane with 70-100 Catalyst
Mix 4 parts of base with 1 part catalyst (mix by volume before thinning and using)

One Gallon Kit

  • One 1-gallon can of paint is 80% full
  • One 1-quart can of activator is 80% full
  • Mixed, they yield one full gallon

Five Gallon Kit

  • One 5-gallon can of paint is 80% full (4 gallons)
  • One 1-gallon can of activator is 100% full (1 gallon)
  • Mixed, they yield five full gallons

Smaller Quantities

  • One 1-quart full of paint
  • One ½-pint full of catalyst
  • Or any method of measurement that yields a 4 to 1 mix by volume.
  • Good measuring buckets are available at your local hardware stores.

Technical Data Sheets