Picco Coatings Epoxies

60-Series Epoxy

This product is a two-component, polyamide cured epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings are generally used where extra durability, corrosion resistance or chemical resistance is needed. They are easily applied by brush, roller or spray and are excellent finishes for primed steel or concrete. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided since epoxies can chalk and fade due to UV exposure. If this material is to be used in areas in direct sunlight, a topcoat of 70-Series Polyurethane should be considered if long term appearance of the coating system is important.

For Industrial Use Only

Mixing Ratios

60-Series Epoxy with 60-100 Activator.
Mix 4 parts base with 1 part activator (mix by volume before thinning and using).

One Gallon Kit

  • One 1-gallon can of paint is 80% full
  • One 1-quart can of activator is 80% full
  • Mixed, they yield one full gallon

Five Gallon Kit

  • One 5-gallon can of paint is 80% full (4 gallons)
  • One 1-gallon can of activator is 100% full (1 gallon)
  • Mixed, they yield five full gallons

Smaller Quantities

  • One 1-quart full of paint
  • One ½-pint full of activator
  • Or any method of measurement that yields a 4 to 1 mix by volume.
  • Good measuring buckets are available at your local hardware stores.

Technical Data Sheets