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Picco Coatings Lab Request

Please provide as much information below as possible.  That way, we can make the best possible match to your existing product or design a new coating to your exact specifications.   Items in Bold* are required.

Date Needed By:*
<November 2019>
Company Name:*
Person To Be Contacted:*
Type of Product:*
Current Supplier:
If you have a current supplier, what is the product code for the material you are using now?:
Amount used yearly:*
Shipped In:*
          Shipped In (Other):
Desired Selling Price:
What is paint applied to?
(a) Article:*
(b) Type of Surface:*
Preparation or Cleaning before application:*
Color Match of Current Picco Product?:*
If yes, which product:
Can you provide a sample of what you are currently using?:
Color Match to Other Product?:
If yes, please list product name and code number here:
What material goes:
(a) Under this?*
(b) Over this?*
Applied by?
Number of Coats?*
Air Drying:
Time to Handle:
Time to Rub or Sand:
Time to Recoat:
Subsequent Operations:
Is the Present Finish Satisfactory? (If not, why?):
Is exact match required (explain):
What Special Properties are Required and Tests Made?
Additional Helpful Information:
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Best Time to Call:
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